A message in a bottle…

To wait for three days.

A promise, to send

me a message.

I went back to my corner

to make a harbour in a raging sea

where I could admire

the view. 

sunday 4th january 2009

dawn walk (walking in the shade)

I meet Huw at 7am on the bridge by the Arnolfini
it is dark and extremely cold
my fake fur is out for the first time this winter.

we walk in silence for the full length of the walk -
from here at the bridge to there, the 204 gallery on Gloucester Road.

I want to be by the river and head straight for the place where I know I will get my (quiet) view of the swans 
we find them asleep.
all are mirrors of one another
their necks curved in the same shape, the same direction
to tuck the head into the nook between the wings
they are still
hanging in the dark (on water, on wood)
out in the middle of the river all alone are small icebergs.

I want to stay here but I am committed to the walk.

As I go I remember 
I remember my last night time walk 
my walk in the (Tycannol) woods with Jo and the tree and the laughing and the dancing
I remember how I loved that she was following some internal compass, 
some instinct that pulled at a core sense of what moved her right now
pulled her to this place, this pause point
following the edges, the owl, the water.

I remember walking in the woods and how there is something 'other' that is followed
some thing that pulls you to it and you are aware of being pulled
to what?
not until you find it.
This is another walk
another way to walk
and I wonder at walking here
and if it will move me.

This dawn walk is a 'from here to there'
the start and stop point is marked
We walk in silence (my boots chitter chatter)
I allow the route (root) to surface as we go...

lurking shadow figurine
story-tale park lights
bullet holes
vertically challenged railing
rooftop solo song
sail (upto 70% off)
smoking boots
time illuminated and living large (4x4)
black corridor corner
chewing gum street (pockmarked)
wall painted mermaid 
ice rink for impossible tasks
cars (loud and louder)
stick it notes for semi-naked mud wrestlers
letterbox nosing
cold thighs
closed cafe's
Sponge Bob Square Pants cheese toasty

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