A message in a bottle…

To wait for three days.

A promise, to send

me a message.

I went back to my corner

to make a harbour in a raging sea

where I could admire

the view. 

friday 2nd january 2009

Observation creates Magnification:

everywhere there are the dances of birds

I am drawn to them.
The birds appear to know that I am watching, I am able to witness something small
Everyone around me appears to walk, drive, cycle past, to pass and not to notice
the three rooks circling together, marking out a space to walk around together, again
the two seagulls stamp on the hill of grass, 
skinny little legs stamping 
stamp stamping
the worm dance.

I walk at dusk, follow the light and my legs
back to the water
the vein that defines where my curiosity wants to be
somewhere vivid
of feathers and skin
a little tactile that comes through the film
a touch

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